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Enrolling for our Mammography Certification Course

For those radiologic technology students throughout the State of California who are interested in the opportunity to learn mammography, and subsequently sit for the State of CA Mammography Certification exam:Pink Ribbon

Santa Rosa Junior College, accredited by JRCERT and recognized by the state of California, is offering a distance education course in mammography.  This course meets MQSA standards, and will allow the students, after passing the course and when they graduate and pass their state of California radiography licensing exam, to be able to sit for the state of California mammography licensing exam.  At the completion of the mammography course, when the student passes the course and completes the 40-hour clinical requirement, they will receive a Certificate of Completion from Santa Rosa Junior College. The certificate has been approved by the CDPH/Radiologic Health Branch.

The requirements for enrolling in Santa Rosa Junior College RADT 102 and 102L are as follows:

  • Santa Rosa Junior College offers a mammography course in the spring, a 17½ week semester, which begins in January.
  • The radiologic technology student is in their second year of education in a JRCERT accredited radiologic technology program.  The student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0, and the student obtains a letter of recommendation from their program director.
  • The student will enroll at Santa Rosa Junior College in RADT 102 and 102L for these courses only.
  • A memorandum of understanding is accepted and signed by both the Santa Rosa Junior College and the distance education college. This will identify SRJC as the provider of this mammography course under the affiliation agreements of the distance education program.
  • The distance college identifies a mammography clinical site that is affiliated with their college and is willing to mentor one or more mammography students for their 40-hour hands on/observational experience.
  • The distance college identifies a clinical instructor that is (M) ARRT certified and is employed at the clinical site, who will oversee the student.
  • The distance college makes arrangements for the mammography student to obtain a 40-hour clinical rotation at the identified affiliated clinical site.  Clinical rotations will begin no sooner than the 2nd week of the semester and end the 16th week of the semester. These hours may count toward the enrolled students' educational program total, but according to JRCERT that is up to each radiologic technology program.
  • Santa Rosa Junior College delivers the classroom portion of the course via Canvas to the students.


First: Enroll and obtain a letter of recommendation

ALL students participating in this opportunity will register as a student at Santa Rosa Junior College.  Note, you will NOT need to forward official transcripts to the college.

The letter of recommendation written by your program director WILL:

  • identify you by name;
  • attest that you are in your second (or senior) year of training;
  • attest that you have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher;
  • identify your proposed clinical education site and clinical instructor (see below).

Second: Obtain a clinical site

The program director at your site will work with you to identify a clinical site for your 40-hour observation experience.  That clinical site should be:

  • A clinical affiliate that has been identified through an affiliation contract with your program AND is registered by the California Department of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch;
  • Agrees to mentor a student in mammography exams for 40 hours during the spring semester (Mid-January through late May);
    • Note | 40 hours in a semester allows time for the clinical site to mentor more than one student over the 17½ weeks
  • Identifies a mammographer who is ARRT (M) certified to act as clinical instructor for the student.

Third: The formal paperwork process

In addition to the letter of recommendation from above, you will also submit our "Prerequisite Challenge Form".  This will replace the college regulation for submitting official transcripts as a new student.  Our college has agreed that the letter of recommendation meeting the criteria from above will satisfy the SRJC prerequisite for enrolling in this course, and the prerequisite challenge form drives the process that will be routed to the department chair for approval:

The prerequisite course to challenge is called RADT61A. Once the prerequisite challenge form has been approved, email Professor Bonnie Patterson for the add code to register for the courses at

Fourth: prepare to learn mammography and obtain a certification to do so after you graduate and pass the National and/or State board examination.

Be aware that this course is the equivalent of 1.25 hours lecture per week for the entire semester in addition to assignments and clinical hands-on observation. We will also make the ASRT Modules "Breast Imaging Essentials" ©2017 available to you.  Students should be prepared to commit to this additional educational load concurrent with your present studies.

Successfully meeting all of the requirements in RADT 102 and 102L will award the student a certificate of completion provided by Santa Rosa Junior College that attests you have met all of the requirements for the didactic and clinical requirements for Mammography, and that you are qualified to sit for the State of CA Mammography licensing exam.

For additional clarification regarding this opportunity, please contact Bonnie Patterson, BA, R.T. (R)(M)(CT), CRT.

Bonnie Patterson, BA, R.T. (R)(M)(CT), CRT
Santa Rosa Junior College
Radiologic Technology
Faculty/Clinical Coordinator
1501 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA  95401