Getting Started


Interested students are highly encouraged to start the process by taking the RADT 99 (formally CI 54) class in order to put in the required volunteer hours. This volunteer experience will help in the affirmation of this career choice, before taking any other prerequisites. See college catalog.

Students must be eligible to enroll at Santa Rosa Junior College and should consult a health sciences counselor 707-527-4451 to plan for an educational plan of program prerequisites.Counseling Department


General Qualifications

  1. Minimum age requirement is 18 years.

  2. Students on academic probation or progress probation are not eligible, contact a Counselor or the Program Director if you have questions.

  3. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, please contact the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist for the pre-application process (651) 687-0048

  4. Physical and psychosocial status: Sound physical and mental health. Clean and sober.

  5. Ability to speak, read, write, communicate and test in the English language fluently and proficiently at a college level. English 1A is required by the program's licensing agency.

  6. Other recommended skills include note taking, study skills, test taking skills, diligence, focus and initiative prior to entry into the program.


Complete Prerequisites

  • All coursework must be completed and verifiable by official college transcript at the time of application.
  • All Unofficial transcripts from all institutions must be submitted with application.
  • Official transcripts from all institutions must be on file with Admissions and Records, another official copy does not need to be submitted.
  • No “In Progress” coursework will be accepted.

**Five year recency applies to Anatomy and Medical Terminology courses completed Spring Semester 2019 thru Fall Semester 2023 (as notated below).

All college courses must have been completed with a final letter grade of “C” or better from a school recognized as an accredited institution.

In order to be eligible for admission, students are required to complete these prerequisites: English 1A, CS 5, Anatomy 58, Physiology 58, HLC 160, Psychology 1A or 30 or 52, Communications 7, or approved speech and ethnic studies courses, Math 101 or 155 (or higher), RADT 100, and 60 hours of volunteer in a Radiology Department (RADT 99 formally CI 54). All coursework must be completed with a letter grade "C" or higher. Courses taken as a "Pass/No Pass" will not be accepted.

In addition to these prerequisites, a "recency" requirement is imposed on Anatomy 58 and HLC 160 to have been completed within the 5-year period prior to the close of the current year application period.

For the incoming applications for the 2023 class, the recency prerequisite coursework shall have been completed no earlier than the spring of 2019 (5 years).

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists requires an Associate Degree as an eligibility to sit for the licensing examination. Therefore, the SRJC Radiologic Technology Program strongly urges all applicants who do not possess an Associate Degree or higher, to complete all of the general education requirements for an Associate of Science degree prior to admission to the program. The program prerequisites only fulfill the graduation requirements in areas A, B, C, D, and G for students using the Option A General Education Pattern. 

See General Education for details.

See Certificate or Majors for details.

The Articulation Agreements with other colleges are listed here.



An advising session with a health sciences counselor is highly recommended to all prospective students. The latest Radiologic Technology Student Handbook is available for review.  

Students should make an appointment with a health sciences counselor by calling (707) 527-4451.



The Radiologic Technology Program will only accept official transcripts in sealed envelopes.  If your transcript is already posted on Student Information Systems here at the college, then we do not need another official transcript unless you have subsequent coursework that you want considered. If all of your coursework was taken here at SRJC, we need only an unofficial transcript of it.


Selection Process

Selection is based on information obtained from the admission requirements and the number of points the applicant has earned. Applications are numerically ranked according to the total number of points.  Applicant selection will be made in descending order beginning with the top-ranking application.  A maximum of 22 students will be admitted, dependent on space-available at clinical education facilities. There will be a maximum of 10 alternate students chosen in case space becomes available prior to the beginning of the first semester. Each alternate will be offered a position based on the highest number of application points.

Applicants not selected may re-apply for consideration the following year.

Selected applicants will be required to complete a background check and drug screening in accordance with the requirements of  clinical facilities affiliated with the Radiologic Technology program.  In accordance with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) policies, applicants understand that acceptance is provisional pending results of the background check and drug screening. Students who do not comply with drug screen &/or background check requirements will have provisional acceptance withdrawn and the next highest-ranking applicant will be offered provisional acceptance. 

Students will be notified of their application status in mid-June. Applicants will attend a mandatory program orientation in mid-July. It will be understood that provisionally accepted applicants who do not attend the mandatory program orientation are no longer interested in the Radiologic Technology program and forfeit their acceptance. The next highest-ranking applicant will be offered provisional acceptance. 

All selection results will be e-mailed out in mid June of the application year. Do not call for results.


Clinical Site Requirements

Health care experience: Applicants/volunteers are advised that universal and other precautions must be observed within the health-care setting. After reading our Necessary Skills description, please make certain that you verify with the hospitals/agencies if your personal health and physical limitations are compatible with the industry's physical requirements. Follow the agency's radiation protection, CPR, current immunizations, and background check protocol.


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