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Radiologic Technology Program

Fall 2023 Cohort Application


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Next Application Period: October 2023



Applications are electronic only. Applications mailed or attempted hand-delivered will NOT be accepted.




The Joint Commission requires that all staff members, students, instructors and volunteers meet new standards relating to criminal background and freedom from drugs. If accepted, students will be participating in courses that include mandatory clinical placements at local hospitals.

ONCE ACCEPTED, students are expected to complete the following:  


Criminal Background Check

Currently, the program is using the >>Castle Branch<< Company for this purpose - telephone number (888-666-7788).  

A background check, (including a criminal records check), must be completed satisfactorily before any student will be offered full acceptance into the Radiologic Technology program. If a student cannot be cleared for clinical due to a background check infraction or a positive drug screen, the student will not be able to participate in clinical, which is a program requirement.

A student with a background check that indicates any of the following felony and/or misdemeanor convictions is not eligible for a clinical placement and are automatically denied program admission:

- Violent crimes such as murder, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, attempted murder, assault with deadly weapons.

- Crimes involving theft, embezzlement, burglary, forgery, fraud, arson, identity theft.

- Sex crimes including sexual molestation, and sex crimes against children, or any conviction for which a candidate is required to register as a sex offender with a state or federal agency.

- Drug or alcohol related crimes, (including DUI), drug theft, sales, distribution, manufacturing and possession of controlled substances.

- Multiple convictions (more than one conviction for same or different crime).

- Name posted on any government sanctioned or debarred list.

In the event that a student is found ineligible for clinical placement by the clinical facility after admission to the Radiologic Technology program, they shall be subject to dismissal from the program, as they will be unable to complete the mandatory clinical course objectives.

In the event that convictions are discovered that were not identified in the background check and those convictions are of such an age or nature that they preclude the student from participating at all clinical sites, the student will be dismissed from the Radiologic Technology program. A student convicted of a criminal offense while enrolled in the Radiologic Technology program must report the conviction to the Program Director within five days of the conviction.


Updated Information Regarding Changes to California State Laws

Despite the recent change to California state laws regarding marijuana usage our clinical facilities still require a clean urine drug screen from all students. Clinical agencies must uphold federal laws and therefore cannot accept a positive urine drug screen, including students with medical marijuana authorization.

Students having any concerns about drug screening, criminal background checks, or criminal convictions are directed to the Ethics Review Pre-Application available at the Students and Educators page on the ARRT Website.


Mandatory Drug Screening Requirement For Students

Clinical agencies hold students to the same standards as they use for their employees; therefore, in order to be placed in clinical rotations, students will be required to clear a urine drug screen test. Any student with a positive result will not be allowed to participate in clinical training at contracted facilities. Since clinical is a required element of each semester in the program, any student with a positive result while enrolled will not be allowed to continue in the program.

Refusal to participate in the drug-screen portion of the requirement shall be interpreted as the student's unwillingness to complete the checklist of requirements and therefore that student will not be allowed to participate in clinical courses and will be dismissed from the program.

The background checks and urine drug screening are done through "". Company - telephone number (888-666-7788),a designated independent service. Students are responsible for costs associated with the background check/s and urine drug screen/s. Students will register and self-pay online for this service.


Health / Immunization Requirements

It is a requirement of the Radiologic Technology program that all students remain current with their health requirements, which are maintained through our third party screening vendor, CastleBranch. Students should be aware that some facilities where a student may be assigned have another third party vendor in which the clinical facility may want their own additional screening. This is due to the contractual agreements that SRJC and the clinical health care organizations have between each other that mandate that students be up to date and compliant on all of the health requirements, in order for them to be allowed onsite. All students must comply with current State of California mandate regarding COVID vaccines. Upon receiving a provisional acceptance letter, students are expected to complete the following:

Physical Exam

Complete physical examination form. Students must use and submit SRJC form below. Physical must be completed within one year prior to entering the program and signed off by a physician, physician assistant or nurse-practitioner only. Instructions for the provider are included in the Health Evaluation form. Santa Rosa Junior College students can make an appointment with the Student Health Services for immunization and TB screening. Please check the site for dates and times they are open.


THE SRJC Health Evaluation Form

Health Evaluation Form


Tuberculin Skin Test- Purified Protein Derivative(PPD)

Students must documentation of a two-step PPD test within the last year. With a two-step skin test the first PPD is completed and, if negative,you must make an appointment for a second PPD one to three weeks after the first test. This two-step Mantoux test needs to be done only once. Students must complete an annual PPD test each year thereafter.

Students who cannot have a PPD or have a history of a positive PPD must submit documentation, (radiology report), of a negative chest x-ray within he last year prior to entrance into the Radiologic Technology program. An annual TB Symptom Review must be completed these requirements will not be allowed to participate in clinical.


Students must provide proof of vaccination or immunity for the following:

Hepatitis B

Documentation of Hepatitis B vaccine series completed or in progress. If series is in progress, the student must have second vaccine by first day of school.


Documentation of booster vaccination within last ten (10) years

Measles Mumps Rubella

Positive rubella and rubeola titer or positive antibody screen or MMR vaccine.

*Second measles vaccine or MMR (minimum 4-6 weeks after initial MMR) for students born after 1957, or proof of immunity.


Evidence of immunity to Varicella through vaccination or a positive titer.


Annual influenza immunization each fall is required by hospital partners. The only exception is a documented medical contraindication to the vaccine.


A minimum of two vaccines and one booster.

Other vaccinations as recommended or required by the CDC.

If a student lets a health requirement lapse, the student is not allowed at their clinical site because they would not be in compliance with the clinical sites' policies. When a student is not allowed at their clinical site because of a lapse in their health requirements, the student will receive notification for failing to maintain their health requirements, AND a conference note for an UN-excused clinical absence, AND will need to meet with the Program Director in person to determine if the student will be successful in the program. The conference note and action plan usually include that the student will get their health requirements current, and if another lapse happens, the student will fail the clinical portion of the class/program.

It is the student's responsibility to and that copies of documentation are submitted to CastleBranch before registering for each course. NOTE: Students should keep a personal file of all their health documentation for future employers.

Students must obtain certification in basic life support and maintain currency while in the Radiologic Technology program. Current CPR card, healthcare provider level with AED (adult, child, and infant). American Heart Association certification preferred.

Students who do not complete the admission requirements by the admission deadlines will forfeit their provisional acceptance.

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