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RADT  Spring 2024

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Clinical Instructor Seminar 2024 Information



Steps to Complete Training as a NEW Clinical Instructor:

1.   View this presentation:  2023 Clinical Instructor Training Presentation

2.   Review this handbook:   2025 Clinical Competency Handbook

3.   Review this handbook:   2025 Student Handbook

4.   Print these documents:  CI Training Verification

5.   Complete the post-test and documents, have them signed by the Lead clinical Instructor at your site and email them to  cmclarty@santarosa.edu. You may also ask the Lead CI to send them to the RADT office with a student.

6.   Email your resume to: cmclarty@santarosa.edu

Your information will then be submitted to the JRCERT for approval. You may begin your duties as
an "Additional Clinical Instructor" once you have been notified that the application is approved.

Steps to complete RENEWAL TRAINING:

1.   Annually, the Lead Clinical Instructor at our site will ask you to sign this document:  Authorized Signatures

2.   This is your guarantee that you have read the updates on our website an the most recent Student Handbook and clinical competency Handbook. It also guarantees that you know how to access the website and that we have a current email address for you.

3.   The Lead Clinical Instructor will sign this form and return it to the school.

If you have any questions about your role or current policies or procedures, please contact Christine McLarty at cmclarty@santarosa.edu

Link to CDPH RHB TITLE 17 CHAPTER 4.5 - Radiologic Technology Schools

Link to NRC Title 10 Federal Regulations Part 20


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